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Studio 910's founder and fashion lover: Brooke Fashionistas in training: Brooke and her sister, Becca

I grew up in private school, forever trying to spruce up my uniform jumpers and skirts to make them more fashionable. My first creation was a pair of scrunchies from the extra fabric of a hemmed uniform skirt. “Wear what you want” days were treasured, and I remember frantically searching my wardrobe for the perfect outfit for these special occasions. Perhaps this is where my love of fashion began to grow.

In high school, uniforms were a thing from the past and I was finally free to unlimited “wear what you want” days. I can remember the countless hours I would spend flipping through fashion magazines and books of old and new, looking at trends of the moment and trends from different decades. I’ve always held a deep appreciation for the arts, and enjoyed years of participating in high school choirs, musicals, and plays. I loved being involved with the musicals because of the friendships with cast-mates and the experience, but, what I loved even more - all those costumes! Dressing rooms filled with sparkly things, dresses with full skirts, and there were garment racks full of them! What I remember most from those fabulous dressing rooms were the hats and gloves from eras of fashion I was starting to develop a soft spot for.

After high school, I had the best intentions to get a degree in international business. I think when I finished the general cookie-cutter business classes in my curriculum, I knew my passion for art and clothing was something I absolutely had to pursue. With a few years of retail management under my belt, I moved to Chicago to chase my dream at Columbia College Chicago.  While earning my fashion degree in the city, I worked full time in a men’s and women’s specialty suit boutique. I learned to fit and tailor suits and shirts made of high quality wools and silks from some of the best textile mills in Italy. At school I had the opportunity to visit Columbia’s Fashion Study Collection, a research collection documenting the evolution of 20th century fashion. Seeing pieces from eras of fashion that were gone (but certainly not forgotten), became one of my favorite things to do. My senior thesis class helped in establishing the Chicago Fashion Incubator at Macy’s, a place where select fashion designers learned the skills needed to start their own fashion business. It was these amazing experiences that gave me inspiration for creating my own specialty accessory business, Studio 910. 

I am forever grateful to the professors and mentors who taught me the skill and patience of fine craftsmanship, and all the little details behind the seams of a garment. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and custom making a birdcage veil for my best friend’s wedding sparked the fire that led to creating my unique fascinators. I count my blessings every day to have a strong support system of family and friends, as well as a wonderful husband who pushed me to turn my dream of fashion into a reality. I am one lucky girl.

Studio 910 is my dream….my art on a canvas. I am immensely blessed to have this opportunity to share my passion. Shop on, fashionistas.

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